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NEW Snow Oval X class

New this year at CPTC: SNOW OVAL X
Sponsored by Brokenhead Trailblazers

What is Snow Oval X ???

Run during intermissions of the 61st Canadian Power Toboggan Championships, March 4th and 5th. We will be having trail snowmobile races on a groomed race course built inside our 1/2 mile ice oval. This race will run twice per day, opposite of our Snowmobile Freestyle show during “plow break intermissions”. It will have a Le Mans start and run for 10 minutes + 1 lap. The course won’t technically be in the shape of an oval, and will contain small jumps and elevation changes. The course will be purposely designed to keep speeds low. Trail snowmobiles shouldn’t require any modifications other than having a working tether, which generally cost less than $100.

Snow Oval X rules:

  • Year – 1995 or older
  • Engine – Maximum 600cc
  • Skis – Trail carbide, ski loops are mandatory
  • Track – Max 1 inch track lug. Max 121 inch track length. No traction products. Track may NOT be modified.
  • Snowmobiles must have a working tail light and tether kill switch.
  • Racer’s must wear all safety gear as described in the Driver Protective Equipment section of the ISR Rule Book.
  • Racer’s must buy a valid ISR License.
  • Racer’s must use a RACEceiver radio.
  • Snowmobiles must pass safety tech before they will be allowed onto the race track.

You will be required to purchase an ISR License ($35.00 for Canadians). Entry fee for the class is $30, with all money going to prize payout. Trophies will be handed out at the CPTC awards banquet following the Sunday final at the Brokenhead River Community Hall.


If you have questions, please contact:
Matt Szalai
Jeff Sobetski

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The Canadian Power Toboggan Championships has the world’s fastest and safest 1/2 mile ice oval track. Snowmobiles race at speeds in excess of 170 km/h. We have events two times per season, once in early December and again in early March.

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