Friday Testing

Testing Friday

10 am to 1 pm only

Lane 1 Champ/Prolite/IFS

Lane 2 F 500/Sportsman

Lane 3 All Junior classes

Lane 4 All Vintage/Relic

Outlaw and Ice Bikes beside lane 1

Each sled will get 3 attempts test. Cards will be handed out when you sign up to test. Each time out is 3 full laps then pull off. Champ will be allowed 4 attempts for each sled.

Ice Bike test times will be 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30.

*Change for this race. We will going by lanes to call you out for testing, not across the lanes. If you are one of the front 4 in your lane, be ready to go out. This includes ski boots off, sled running. If you are not ready, we will put you at the back of the line. This is being done to allow all drivers their chance to test.

**Testing may be shortened due to weather or track conditions.**

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