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Registration is OPEN

Registration is now OPEN. Please register early if possible. It makes the people’s job who make the schedule easier.

Registered Drivers List


  • ALL RACERS: We are switching to a new way of lining up all sleds on the starting line. This will be in place for all races, whether it is a heat or final.

    Driver’s will gather in turn 4, and be called to the starting line by Raceceiver, starting with the #1 qualifier.

    The #1 qualifier is called to line first and picks any spot on the line. #2 qualifier is next and MUST line up immediately next to #1 but can choose which side of #1. The #3 qualifier is next and MUST line up immediately next to either of the sleds. Process continues through #10 with sleds lining up immediately next to each other leaving no open spaces. If there is more than 10 sleds then the process will continue on the back row with #11 and so on.

    #1 will be the top name on the schedule. This is randomly generated. If it is a final, where points are required to qualify, a list of names will be posted at the tech shack.

    Staging in the pits will continue to be done like before with #1 on the left, #2 to #1’s right side and so on.

  • PRO CHAMP 440 RACERS: To increase live stream viewership, the Saturday USSA ProStar Cup Pro Champ 440 races will have scheduled start times.
    • Round 1: 10:30AM
    • Round 2: 11:45AM
    • Round 3: 1:00
    • LCQ: 2:45
    • Final: 3:30

Sunday’s Champ schedule will run like normal. Way may go to scheduled start times for Sunday Champ races in the future, if it is successful. We are also planning to have a Champ driver meet and greet on Saturday, after Round 3 in the Moose Den (old Beer Garden building). More details to come on that.

  • PRO FORMULA 500, SPORTSMAN 600 AND SM 340 LC/SS 440 LC COMBO CLASSIC RACERS: CPTC will be adding $700 prize money to each of these 3 classes. Points will be awarded during all rounds and finals from the DECEMBER and MARCH races. The three racers with the most points after the season will win the extra prize money. This will be in addition to the regular prize money. 1st place will get $350, 2nd place will get $210, and 3rd place will get $140.

We can’t want to see everyone!

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The Canadian Power Toboggan Championships has the world’s fastest and safest 1/2 mile ice oval track. Snowmobiles race at speeds in excess of 170 km/h. We have events two times per season, once in early December and again in early March.

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