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Vintage  IFS 340X  Class

C.P.T.C. March Ice Oval Races,  RE:  Vintage  IFS 340X  Class
***    We have included the Vintage IFS 340X class in our online registration for the March 2024 Ice Oval Races.  This is a class that was run here at CPTC in the past with great success,   but over the years has faded away.  It would be great to get those IFS 340’s back on the track here once again.   We have offered the class this March to see If there would be any interest.   The class would be run once on Saturday,   and once again on Sunday,   entry fee per day would be $100.00.  All entry money is paid out as prize money. Each day is a separate race with payout,   the same as all the other vintage classes that are offered here.   (A minimum of 4 entries would be required to make this happen,  this would NOT include any Leaf-Spring sleds,  which are allowed in the class).  It would be nice to get the IFS 340X class back in action,  looking forward!!!   Any questions,  please call Ken Day,  CPTC Vintage Coordinator @ 204-268-1477  or  you can email @

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The Canadian Power Toboggan Championships has the world’s fastest and safest 1/2 mile ice oval track. Snowmobiles race at speeds in excess of 170 km/h. We have events two times per season, once in early December and again in early March.

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